The Shorts EP

by The Shorts

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released December 22, 2014



all rights reserved


The Shorts Ballarat, Australia

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Track Name: Don't Sue Me
I come from a land not too far from here
Where the ice caps melted and ruined the atmosphere
And I speak the native tongue of the deaf, dumb girls
And I'm the head honcho in the land of spinning wheels

And you can do whatever you want,
Just don't sue me, don't do that to me
And you can hope that your brothers fall,
But don't sue me, please don't do that to me

This just in... A cape don't make you fly
You're the loudest voice 'cause someone gave you a mic
And I speak to my friends through a barrister
Because common sense is struggling to be heard
Track Name: Dustbowl
We're not standing by the doorway
Awaiting your acceptance
Yeah we invited our selves in
Making most of the refreshments
Yeah we plug in and we turn up
120 DB
There's no man behind the curtain
There's no tricks up our sleeve

We're from the Dustbowl, Straight outta the Mallee
A drought-stricken, sunburnt reality
We're from the dustbowl, Straight outta the Mallee

I'm aware of what you're looking for
I know that we're not it
But I believe you're system is flawed
So we don't give a shit

We're from the dustbowl, straight outta the Mallee
It's time for a dose of reality,
We're from the dustbowl, straight outta the Mallee
Track Name: On the way down
I've got my boys in the lab working around the clock
I've got a voice in my head that I wanna stop
Who would've thought being bent out of shape
Would wind up feeling so great

You're at your best when you're on the way down
You're at your best when you're on the way down
I know you dig it when you're off with the clouds
But you're at your best when your on the way down

Climbing through my bedroom blinds
Destroying six months of my life
Spent 3 days staring into space and then I had to get you off the ceiling
Track Name: The Feds
Woke up this morning, climbed out of a hole
Checked myself in for a cleansing of the soul
Looked up toward the sky, hoping for some rain
Soften up the cycle so we can do it all again

My unanswered prayers turned up in the lost and found
So how am I gonna get shit done
With the feds calling around?

You rise up before the sun and give 'til nothing's left
You read a lot and spend wisely but still fall into debt
Bindi eyes and Bathurst burr are the only things that grow
And there's no point calling down the street, everything is closed
Track Name: Burning Question
Get some shuteye son, we've got a big day ahead
A showdown at noon, an execution at 10
We don't rob the rich or heist the gold train
But we'll take your money and your life all of the same

It's all about respect, whose ground not to tread
Who stays alive and who ends up dead
In a green duffle bag behind the factory
A burnt out car, some tyre marks and a broken city

Here it comes again, that same ol' feeling
The burning question, is what I'm doing right?
'Cause I look the other way
For some extra pay
But at the end of the day
It don't feel quite right

It'd make your skin crawl what gets done for 10K
They know where I live, they'll be waiting there someday
A quick buck is made but the price is your soul
Living fast and dying young, it's the only way you go
Track Name: Sink
Drop my bro off at the station,
Then I headed up the Henty
Got the phone call last night
They said they're gonna pay me plenty

But I, there's a right and there's a wrong
Tell me whose side are you on

You've gotta look them in the eye
You've gotta smile for the camera
Don't ever forget what you are
Just a loser entertainer